Pastor’s Page

September 2017

Pastor’s Page

“Scott’s Top 10”
of Living and Growing in a
United Methodist Church

10) Vacation Bible School when I was 7 years old hiding in the church’s lilac bushes.
9) Learning to water ski with my youth group on Sunday afternoons out at the lake.
8) Singing! Singing! Singing!
7) High school peanut butter eating contests at camp.
6) The young adult group that saved my sanity!
5) Mission trips in the Dakotas, the United States, and around the globe.
4) Laughter! Laughter! Laughter!
3) Being surrounded by love in the worst moments of my life.
2) Powerful worship and Bible study over the course of a lifetime.
1) Meeting this gorgeous girl at a UM retreat then four years later marrying her in a UM church!

I would love to see your Top 10. Each of us has experienced powerful and life-shaping events inside the fold of churches. What is it about this church that forms people and helps you to write your Top 10?

I could go on to list my Top 50! Churches have radically and permanently shaped by life through the years. Now as a pastor, I take very seriously our congregation’s mission and vision statements: “We are here to make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” We do this when we: “Know God. Love God. Serve Others.” I love to tackle the challenge of how to do this in a local setting as your pastor. I love to see how you tackle the challenge in the leadership and activities that go on around this church all the time.

Ministry in the Northern Hills of South Dakota is very different from ministry in larger cities or in completely different geographical and cultural settings. We are who we are and have our own unique strengths with our own unique problems.

So this September we launch into another school year charged with the task of making new disciples and helping current disciples know, love, and serve. This fall’s programming and planning is uniquely created to meet the unique strengths and needs of our Spearfish Church. High quality worship, engaging Bible study, children and youth programming, hands-on mission participation, college and adult programming, music groups: there is just so much to become involved with in order for your faith to grow and our world to be transformed.

BUT…all of it is meaningless to you if you aren’t involved. We’re all in this life-journey of faith together. So, here’s the invitation: Check out the newsletter. Be present in worship. Jump into a small group. Live. Learn. Laugh. Love. Let your life be changed again and again. That is what we’re all about!

Pastor Scott