Covid-19 Transition Back To Live Phases

Simple Rules

Do no harm.  Do good.  Stay in love with God.

Spearfish United Methodist Church is working with a three-phase Re-Entry Plan as a guide to returning to active life within the church.  This plan is guided by John Wesley’s “Three Simple Rules”, which provides a message and a method of how to plan to care for our church through the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is based on the Re-Entry Plan designed by the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Wesley’s rules have been placed within a stoplight framework to guide us as we move from red to yellow to green status in an intentional and carful model of care and accountability.

Our Church Council as the governing body of our congregation, will review this plan in conjunction with the Worship Transition Team.  All parts of each phase may not necessarily be implemented at the same time.  A designation of what phase we are in will be next to the link to this page on the homepage.

Level 3: Red Light Status – This is the “Stay in love with God” phase of our ministry:

                *Stop all non-critical meetings at the church.

                *The church office is open with social distancing and reduced hours.

                *Shift all church meetings to online formats such as Zoom, Messenger, and Facetime.  This applies to committees, task forces, and studies.

                *There will be no live worship with all worship being online.

                *High risk individuals should practice social isolation.

                *Preschools will not meet.

                *Outside organizations will not use our facilities.

Level 2: Yellow Light Status – This is the “Do good” phase:

                *Cautionary return.  There is no specific timeline.  This means a gradual return to gatherings and doing so in a cautionary manner.  Our Church Council holds the authority to decide timing with these standards.  It shall be informed by the Worship Transition Team and the Covid Financial Task Force.

                *Church meetings continue in online formats.

                *The church office is open with social distancing and reduced hours.

                *Worship will continue to be online AND a Drive-In Worship option will be offered.

*High risk individuals should practice social isolation.

                *Preschools will prepare and communicate their re-opening strategies with the church office.  Children First and Co-op Preschool boards will determine their re-opening schedules.

                *Outside organizations will begin to use our facilities with smaller groups and Covid sanitizing procedures in place.

Level 1: Green Light Status – This is the “Do no harm” phase:

                *This happens because the virus is contained and our people are safe.  This will happen as our church leadership is confident in the care of our congregation.  We will be listening carefully to federal, state, city, and CDC recommendations.

                *Church meetings may continue online but will be given the option to meet live.

                *The church office is open with flexible hours.

                *While online worship continues, we will begin to transition from Drive-In Worship to worship in our sanctuary.  Social distancing, masks, sanitizing and CDC recommendations shall be followed.  Alternatives to physical greeting (hugs and handshakes) will be proposed.

                *High risk individuals should be very careful in which church activities they participate in.

                *Preschools will resume with their Covid strategies in place.

                *Outside organizations will resume their meeting schedules with sanitization procedures in place.