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01/17/21Called From and Called To Work HardScott McKirdy
01/10/2021Called From and Called To Sharing!Scott McKirdy
01/03/2021Expectations Of A New YearScott McKirdy
12/27/20A Place At The MangerRev. Kris Mutzenberger
12/24/20Two Kinds Of DangerousScott McKirdy
12/21/20The Longest NightScott McKirdy
12/20/20Incarnation: The Light Of The WorldScott McKirdy
12/13/20Incarnation: Emmanuel In The Midst Of PandemicScott McKirdy
12/06/20Incarnation: The Savior And Our Need For SavingScott McKirdy
11/29/20Incarnation: Presidents and KingsScott McKirdy
11/22/20New Again And AgainScott McKirdy
11/15/20Into The Neutral ZoneScott McKirdy
11/08/20Let Go!Scott McKirdy
11/01/20It Isn't The Changes That Get Ya!Scott McKirdy
10/25/20Defined By GenerosityScott McKirdy
10/18/20Cultivating ContentmentScott McKirdy
10/11/20Searching For WisdomScott McKirdy
10/04/20When Dreams Become NightmaresScott McKirdy and Carolyn Short
09/27/20Going Deeper With A FriendScott McKirdy
09/20/20The Teaching Of A FriendScott McKirdy
09/13/20The Importance Of A FriendScott McKirdy and Melissa Raad
09/06/2020The Definition Of A FriendScott McKirdy
08/30/20Believing It. Living It.Scott McKirdy
08/23/20Never AloneScott McKirdy
08/16/20Strong Enough To Stand The StormScott McKirdy
08/09/20Get Out Of The BoatScott McKirdy
08/02/20Fishes And LoavesScott McKirdy
07/26/20The Kingdom Of God Is...Elisha Intern Davis Anderson
07/19/20What's A Weed?Elisha Intern Davis Anderson
07/12/20Reapin' What Ya SowedScott McKirdy
07/05/20The Yoke Of ChristScott McKirdy
06/28/20What Is The Reward?Elisha Intern Davis Anderson
06/21/20Am I My Brother's Keeper?Scott McKirdy
06/14/20Whose Job Is It?Scott McKirdy and Davis Anderson
06/07/20On This Rock: Doubt And PeaceScott McKirdy
05/31/20On This Rock: In The Face Of Bombastic NonsenseScott McKirdy
05/24/20On This Rock: Take Off Your TentScott McKirdy and Emily Rettinghouse
05/17/20On This Rock: Like A Roaring LionScott McKirdy
05/10/20On This Rock: The End Of All Things Is NearScott McKirdy
05/03/20On This Rock: Seek Peace And Pursue ItScott McKirdy
04/26/20On This Rock: The StoneScott McKirdy
04/19/20Finding New Hope In The Middle Of IsolationScott McKirdy
04/12/20Resurrection From FearScott McKirdy
04/05/20Risking GriefScott McKirdy
3/29/20Entering The Passion Of Jesus: The Last Supper: Risking The Loss Of FriendsScott McKirdy
03/22/20Entering The Passion Of Jesus: Risking RejectionScott McKirdy
03/15/20Entering The Passion Of Jesus: Risking ChallengesDave Zanton and Scott McKirdy
03/08/20Entering The Passion Of Jesus: Risking Righteous AngerJennifer Seder
03/01/20Entering The Passion Of Jesus: Risking TemptationScott McKirdy
02/23/20Transformed!Scott McKirdy
02/16/20Revival: An Almost Christian?Scott McKirdy
02/09/04Revival: Persevering To The EndScott McKirdy
02/02/20Revival: Works Of MercyScott McKirdy
01/26/20Revival: The Necessity Of GraceScott McKirdy
01/19/20Revival: A Crisis Of FaithScott McKirdy
1/12/20Revival: A Longing For HolinessScott McKirdy
01/05/20Revival: First Things FirstScott McKirdy
12/29/19Light Of The World!Scott McKirdy
12/24/19Perfect LoveScott McKirdy
12/22/19Light Of The World: The Gifts Of The GentilesScott McKirdy
12/15/19Light Of The World: The Journey To JoyScott McKirdy
12/08/19The Light Of The World: The Meaning Of MemoryScott McKirdy
11/24/19In The Footsteps Of Giants: Jesus, Malala, And Maya AngelouScott McKirdy
11/17/19In The Footsteps Of Giants: Jesus, Mr. Rogers, And YouScott McKirdy
11/10/19In The Footsteps Of Giants: Jesus, Bonhoeffer, And KingScott McKirdy
11/03/19In The Footsteps Of Strangers: Jesus, Wilberforce, and TubmanScott McKirdy
10/27/19Brave The Stage: Brave In The Face Of FearScott McKirdy
10/20/19Brave The Stage: In The Face Of The ImpossibleScott McKirdy
10/13/19Brave The Stage: But I'm Not Ready!Scott McKirdy
10/06/19Brave The Stage: Set The StageDave Zanton
09/22/19Created And Creating Our EarthScott McKirdy
09/15/19Created And Creating Our RelationshipsScott McKirdy
09/08/19Created/CreatingScott McKirdy and SUMC Youth
09/01/19Christianity And World Religions: ChristianityScott McKirdy
08/25/19Jesus' Table MannersBishop Bruce Ough
08/18/19Messages From The PewDave Zanton and Others
08/11/19READY! FIRE! Aim?Scott McKirdy
08/04/19Christianity And World Religions: IslamScott McKirdy
07/28/19A-S-K!Scott McKirdy
07/21/19Christianity And World Religions: JudaismScott McKirdy
07/14/19Going Beyond Your Comfort ZoneElisha Intern Allison Jensen
06/23/19Christianity And World Religions: BuddhismScott McKirdy
06/16/19God In Three Persons: Blessed TrinityMary Ann Sheldon
06/09/19PentecostDave Zanton
06/02/19Christianity And World Religions: The Wise MenScott McKirdy
05/26/19Help... Peace....Scott McKirdy
05/19/19That New CommandmentScott McKirdy
05/12/19Living Our Lives So That Others May BelieveDave Zanton
05/05/19You Are MineScott McKirdy
04/28/19TogetherScott McKirdy
04/21/19While It Was Still DarkScott McKirdy
04/14/19Renovate: The Big RevealScott McKirdy
04/07/19Renovate: Inviting Others To Come HomeScott McKirdy
03/31/19Renovate: When Others Don't Like Your PlansScott McKirdy
03/24/19Renovate: What To Know Before You BuildCarrie Swanson
03/17/19Renovate: Crying And BuildingScott McKirdy
03/10/19Renovate: Never Too Late To RenovateScott McKirdy
03/03/19God Unbound: Guided By The Spirit, Fulfilling The CallScott McKirdy
02/24/19God Unbound: Abba! Daddy!Scott McKirdy
02/17/19God Unbound: When Systems ChangeScott McKirdy
02/10/19God Unbound: Open To God's CallScott McKirdy
02/03/19God Unbound: The Tradition Behind The TraditionScott McKirdy
01/27/19Dare To Dare: Facing The Fear of Kindness?Scott McKirdy
1/20/19Dare To Dare: Facing The Fear Of The OtherScott McKirdy
01/13/19Dare To Dare: Facing The Fear Of ChangeScott McKirdy
01/05/19Dare To Dare: Facing The Fear Of Being KnownScott McKirdy
12/30/18Be Loved. Do Love.Scott McKirdy
12/24/18Twas The Night BeforeScott McKirdy
12/16/18Down To Earth LifestyleScott McKirdy
12/09/18Down To Earth HumilityScott McKirdy
12/02/18Down To Earth LoveScott McKirdy
11/25/18Wesley's Words: On SchismScott McKirdy
11/18/18Wesley's Words: Seek FirstScott McKirdy
11/11/18Wesley's Words: Universal SpiritScott McKirdy
11/04/18Wesley's Words: The Unity Of The Divine BeingScott McKirdy