Congregational Care Ministry


The mission of Congregational Care Ministry is to assist the pastor meet the care needs of the Spearfish
United Methodist Church family during times of grief, loss, health, and other life changes.


To assist church members in health promotion and renewal of the whole person.

Congregational Care Ministry responsibilities:

1. Provide comfort and care for the UMC family during times of illness or death.
a) Visit people in the hospital.
b) Send sympathy cards and prayer squares during times of illness or death.
c) Send Caring Cards to those who are homebound.
d) Offer “Journeying through Grief” booklets during times of grief.
e) Offer “Cancer-Now What?” or “May I Walk You Home?” books during times of illness.

2. Promote Prayer
a) Offer prayer stations during monthly communion.
b) Promote usage of prayer request cards.

3. Caring Meal Ministry
a) Provide meals to people who have had an illness, death, or life crisis.
b) Provide Emergency Food Bags to people in immediate need of food for 1-2 days.

4. Support health and safety at home and church
a) Organize yearly health forum.
b) Organize yearly AED training.
c) Update first aid kits at church.
d) Write quarterly articles for the Trumpeter.

5. Pastoral Care
a) Provide a monthly act of kindness to the pastor and spouse.
6. Maintain a limited medical equipment loan program.


Please contact the church office (605-642-3457) if you would like more information on any of the above.