Health Ministries


The mission of the Health Ministry Committee is to enhance the caring community of the United Methodist Church; assisting church members and the community in health promotion and renewal of the whole person while reflecting God’s love.


To assist church members in health promotion and renewal of the whole person.

What we do:

-Our committee promotes a healthy congregation:  recommends an annual flu shot and to keep current on vaccines such as COVID-19, tetanus, shingles, and pneumonia shots.  Recommends current CDC (Center for Disease Control) Guidelines for children’s vaccines.

Provides comfort and care for members during times of illness or death:

  1. Grief support Ministry. (“Journeying through Grief” booklets distributed.
  2. Offers “Cancer-Now What? book-The goal of this book is to help those with cancer, and their loved ones, navigate the medical, emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges that cancer brings. May notify church office if you would like this book. (605-642-3457).
  3. “May I Walk You Home” is a book that is available for caregivers of the very ill. This book provides courage and comfort for families.  May notify church office if you would like to receive his book.

Promotes prayer

  1. Offers prayer stations each month during communion. Provides information sessions 1-2 times a year for people interested in helping at the prayer stations.
  2. Offers prayer calendar when there is a prayer quilt.
  3. Promotes usage of prayer request cards (in each pew). Cards are put in the offering plate.  The Congregational Care Ministers and pastor offer prayers.  The person making the prayer request is notified that the prayer request was received.  We acknowledge the importance of prayer with healing.  This can be physical, spiritual, or mental healing.
  4. Sympathy cards/Caring cards are sent out to the congregation when there is a death or illness. Prayer squares with a cross are enclosed.
  5. Caring Card Ministry to the congregation who are mostly homebound.

Offers health education and encourages healthy lifestyles (exercise, eat healthy foods, reduce stress).

  1. Organizes yearly health forum.
  2. Promotes a healthy relationship between the body, mind, and spirit.

Limited medical equipment loan program:  tub chair, walker, cane, toilet seat riser).  Note:  The Spearfish Senior Center has a large inventory of medical equipment to loan out to the community.

  1. 2 wheel chairs available in the church. 1 in the east foyer and 1 in the west foyer-under the coat racks.

Caring Meal Ministry:  Provides meals to people who have had an illness, death, etc.  Please call the church office (642-3457) if you know of someone who has a need for a meal.

  1. Emergency Food Bag Ministry-provides food for 1-2 days that can be given to a person in immediate need of food.

Pastoral Care-provides an act of kindness each month to our pastor and wife.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is available west wall of Fellowship Hall.  Set up yearly training.  (Also promote individuals learning how to use an AED on their own.  Can go to google, on the computer, and type in “AED.”  Several demonstrations will be displayed on how to use an AED).  Checked monthly and equipment updated as needed.

Supports community blood drives

Updates first aid kits: 1 in kitchen, 1 above coat rack in the W. foyer, 1 in the Welcome Center in the E. foyer, 1 in the Secretary’s office, 1 in the nursery.

“The body is a gift and the dwelling place of God– treat it with great care.”