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GPS for the week of October 21, 2018

“More or Less: Abundance in the Middle of Scarcity”

We live in a culture that focuses on scarcity. According to the advertisements, we do not have enough stuff: not enough cars, or money, or clothes, or technology, or… or… or… Nope. We just don’t have enough. Or do we? Surprisingly, some of the moments when we are the richest are those times when we are living with the least. Our greatest abundance can be found in the middle of our greatest scarcity.

Daily Prayer: Lord, teach us to reach out past ourselves. When it feels like we are the ones living in abundance, help us to share to help those in scarcity. When it feels like we are the ones living in scarcity, help us to look for the ways that you are providing for us. Gracious God, we thank you today for your abundance. Amen.

Working through “Abundance in the Middle of Scarcity”

Monday 10.22                 “This Present Darkness”          Ephesians 6:10-20
We live in a dark world. There’s a lot of evil out there. There is so much scarcity…so many shortages around the globe and right here at home in our own lives. When have been some of the darkest times in your life? When have you known the power of scarcity and shortages?

Tuesday 10.23                 “Jesus was quoting”        Psalm 22
Jesus was human. That seems incredibly obvious to state, but we sometimes forget or don’t appreciate the pain in his life. Through-out Psalm 22 we find quotes of Jesus while he was on the cross. Notice how it starts in darkness and then with each section rises in hope. In your moments of darkness, who was there to help you?

Wednesday 10.24                 “Imprisoned Abundance”        Philippians 4:4-13
Paul wrote these words while he was in prison in Ephesus. He had every reason to be depressed and dejected, but instead these words come shining down through the centuries out of that dark cell. His abundance came in the middle of scarcity. When you have grappled with darkness and scarcity in your life, there came a time (or perhaps it is yet to come) when you walked into the light once more. How has this changed you?

Thursday 10.25                 “Generosity Encouraged”          2 Corinthians 8:1-7
Listen to this list of words in verse 2: “severe trial…overflowing joy…extreme poverty…rich generosity”. Whaaaaat? How can you fit this many opposites into one sentence? But Paul does, because he knows the powerful truth of this paradox. Our greatest abundance can come in the middle of our greatest scarcity! How has this happened in your life? How have you seen it in others?

Preparing for this weekend

Friday 10.26                 “Manna, please!”          Exodus 16:2-21
Aaaand now the Hebrew people were hungry…and complaining. The God that brought them out of Egypt seemed now to be the God that abandoned them out in the wilderness. And so God provided manna and quail to eat. When has been a time that you have witnessed God providing?

Saturday 10.27                 “Water, please!”          Exodus 17:1-7
Aaaand yet again the Hebrew people are complaining. Realize that their complaining comes out of fear. If you have no water in the wilderness, you are in deep trouble…immediately. It took God’s grace to guide the people through this emergency. How have you seen God at work in our world providing?