GPS: Grow, Pray & Study

GPS for the week of August 18, 2019

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“Christianity Is…”


Prayer:  God, as we look at verses that relate to the concepts discussed during church, give us open minds to reach deeper into the concepts over the course of the week.  Amen.


Monday 8.19              “Seasons”                                 Psalm 104:19

When you think about seasons, we try to use the days, weeks, and months to keep track.  But how do you keep track of each season?  What seasons are in the church?  What seasons do you associate with the church?


Tuesday 8.20             “Judgment”                      Proverbs 21:2,7-8

Judgment can cause issues between individuals, groups, and organizations.  When have you felt judged?  How did you feel when it happened?  What caused the judgment that occurred?  What have you judged others about?  Have you felt this judgment against yourself from others?  Were the feelings any different?


Wednesday 8.21        “Grace”                           Philippians 1:29-30

Our sins were forgiven when Jesus was crucified, in Philippians we hear that we were granted the privilege of believing in Christ.  Has there ever been a time when you have felt blessed to get the chance to worship with others?  Or the chance to worship alone in a public space?


Thursday 8.22           “Membership”                             James 5:16

When reading this passage, the most difficult part about participating in small groups is confessing our sins to other people.  Being members of the church, allows for others to rely on you and for you to rely on others.  But does that mean you must be a member to take advantage of being a part of the church?  How have you created memberships within the church even if you aren’t a “member”?  What groups are you in that have created important relationship to you?


Friday 8.23                 “Life”                                        Proverbs 10:4

In this passage, it talks about how “laziness brings poverty and hard work bring riches.”  When has a there been a time that you have felt distant from the Lord, because you took an easier path?  Has there been a time when you took the more difficult path and felt rewarded because of it?  When were these times? How did these actions make you feel?


Saturday 8.24            “Coming to God”                       John 6:44-47

In this passage, it talks about how to get to the father you must go through Jesus, and then receive eternal life.  We have all experienced a beacon to come to Jesus in one way or another.  Has there ever been a time when you have felt like a beacon for somebody close to you?  Not only are we beacons for others, but there are people who are beacons for our own lives.  Either through pastors, youth directors, parents, friend, or other family, someone has invited us.  Who were those beacons in your own life?  Where have you felt like becoming a beacon for others would be important?