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GPS for the week of October 10, 2021

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“The Third Pillar: Communication


This week we are going to focus on the words “speak” and “listen” as it is found in the book of Proverbs.  Our third pillar is all about communication as we listen for the directions God is leading us as we communicate with the world around us.


Prayer:  Gracious God, help us to listen, then help us to speak.  Guide us that we may hear and understand your presence in our lives.  As we experience your love, help us to speak that love to others.  Amen.



Monday 10.11 “Wisdom Speaks Truth”        Proverbs 8: 6-9

According to the text, this is the voice of wisdom speaking.  We suspect that the author of the Book of Proverbs was King Solomon.  He speaks that wisdom is truth.  In what ways have you experienced these two facts:  Communication in our church means that Truth spoken is wisdom, and lies spoken are foolishness.


Tuesday 10.12 “Speaking to a Fool” Proverbs 23: 9

Have you ever noticed that when you speak to someone who is foolish that they seem to be unable to hear what you are actually saying.  They ignore you.  They misinterpret you.  Communication in our church means that we are to speak what is right, even when it may seem not to be heard.  How have you seen this practiced?


Wednesday 10.13 “Speak What Is Right”     Proverbs 23: 15-16

It takes a lot of courage to speak what is right, especially when we may be pressured to either speak what is not right or just remain silent.  When are moments in our church’s or nation’s history that you can point to as moments when people had the courage to stand and speak for what is right?



Thursday 10.14 “Wisdom Says Listen”       Proverbs 8: 32-36

Again, the voice in this passage is the voice of Wisdom.  And Wisdom says that we better listen.  Communication in our church means listening carefully to each other.  What has been your experience when you have listened to wise words?  When you ignored wise words?


Friday 10.15 “Listen to Advice”     Proverbs 19: 19-20

The first verse speaks about avoiding anger, the second about absorbing good advice.  “Anger” and “listen” are not two words that fit together well.  It is so difficult to listen when we are caught up in our own anger.  Communication in our church means moving past our anger into a place where we can heed the advice of the wise around us.  When have you been the angry one?  When have you been the one who listens to the advice being given?


Saturday 10.16 “Listen to your Parents”  Proverbs 23: 22-23

The instructions of these verses tell us to listen to our elders.  We are wise if we can listen not just to our parents but also to the elders who surround us in the church and community.  “Buy the truth…Get wisdom, discipline, and understanding.”  What can you apply these verse to in your life right now?