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GPS for the week of December 8, 2019

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“Light Of The World: The Promise Of Potential”


When a mother is pregnant, one of the most powerful parts of the pregnancy is dreaming.  Parents dream of what their children will become in the years that are to come.  There is a quiet promise for children’s potential.  Mary knew this promise as she waited for Jesus to be born.  Elizabeth knew this promise.  This week we explore the promise of potential.  This week’s readings are a guide to our “Light of the World” study as we explore Chapter 2.


Prayer:  Lord of life, even life yet to be born, bring to us the good news of Christ’s coming in our own lives.  Lead us and bless us so that we can lead and bless others.  Amen.


Monday 12.9              “Why Mary Matters”               Luke 1: 26-56

Levine pp. 53-56a

We read the entire passage today and then look at smaller sections of it throughout this week.  Luke is a brilliant writer as he lays out the beauty and intricacy in these foundations of the Jesus story.  What do you find most striking in this part of the story?  What are some of the words you would use to describe Mary?


Tuesday 12.10         “Mary and Miriam”                 Exodus 2: 1-10

Levine pp. 56b-61a

The most common name for a Jewish woman in Jesus’ day was “Mary”.  One of places this name came from is the story of Miriam, the sister of Moses.  As you read through the story of the birth of Moses, what light does the story of Miriam shed on Mary’s experience?  Do you see any parallels with the story of Mary and Jesus?


Wednesday 12.11        “The Annunciation”               Luke 1: 26-38

Levine pp. 61b-71a

Put yourself in Mary’s place for a moment.  She was most likely a teenager.  She had never been in any profound type of relationship with a man other than her father.  She had never been face-to-face with an angel before.  What was Mary feeling?  How would you have reacted if this had been you?  Do you think Mary shared any of this conversation with her parents?  If so, what might that conversation have been like?


Thursday 12.12    “Mary and Elizabeth”              Luke 1: 39-45

Levine pp. 71b-75a

Mary was sent from Nazareth down to Jerusalem to help her older cousin Elizabeth, in her delivery process.  Elizabeth was in her ninth month of pregnancy and was about ready to deliver.  Mary was just finishing her third month, her first trimester, with just the beginning of a “baby bump.”  How do we today usually regard or treat women who are pregnant?  What do you think the conversations between these two cousins might have been like back then?  What does looking at a pregnant Mary change or enhance how you see other pregnant women?  Your spouse?  Yourself?


Friday 12.13               “The Magnificat”                     Luke 1: 46-56

Levine pp. 75b-78

Now look at another mother’s song!  Turn back in the Old Testament to 1 Samuel 2: 1-10.  This is the song of Hannah, who was also a woman caught by surprise with a pregnancy.  Notice the parallels between the two songs.  Do you think Mary knew Hannah’s song?  What do you see that is similar?  What are the messages about God that you think bear repeating?


Saturday 12.14     “Choose your own!”

Levine:  Review Chapter 2

Choose your own passage today.  It can be any passage from any book.  Maybe it’s one of your old favorites, or perhaps it’s brand new to you.  How do you see God moving and working in this passage?  God is always moving in our lives much the same as in Mary and Elizabeth and Hannah’s lives.  They were aware of God moving and were open to God’s presence and power.  How is God moving in you?